Thursday, 22 September 2011

HTC Wildfire S Vs Samsung Galaxy S2-Comparing two rare masterpieces

type='html'>The latest released smart phone from Samsung provides strong competition to the upcoming HTC Slate series phone depicted through HTC Wildfire S Vs Samsung Galaxy S2.

HTC Corporation and Samsung Electronics both are well known in the telecommunication industry for their smart electronic gadgets. According to mobile market reviews, HTC has a good reputation for their extraordinary smart touch screen phones while Samsung is popular for their wide variety of smart phones with excellent display capabilities. As a manufacturer both of them have their own market and customer support. HTC Wildfire S Vs Samsung Galaxy S2 compares the most recent creation from Samsung with the upcoming attraction of HTC. From users' point of view, both of them are among the highly anticipated gadgets with the power to fulfill every kind of expectation. HTC promoted their product by saying that after getting Wildfire S you will have more power in your hands and on the other side Samsung showcased Galaxy S2 as a symbol of smartness.

There is a lot of similarity and dissimilarity between the two power pact gadgets. According to technical specifications, both has got Android power with 2.3 (Gingerbread) operating system but Samsung Galaxy S2 runs with more powerful processor which is 1 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex A9 processor compared to that of upcoming Wildfire S with 600MHz power, which means that Galaxy S2 runs application much faster. Both have high resolution touchscreen display and there is no doubt about their picture clarity but the display size is bigger in case of Galaxy S2. HTC Wildfire S is also expected to be a decent gadget with blossoming and stylish looks compared to the sign of sophistication and smartness with the recently launched Samsung smart phone.

Taking a sneak peak at the camera features, Galaxy S2 makes use of an 8 mega pixel camera which has more available features than the one coming up with the 5 mega pixel camera of the advanced HTC product. There is dissimilarity in capacity of internal memory storage and RAM capacity too between the two gadgets but both have an additional micro SD card slot for increasing the memory further as per the users' needs. While the Samsung smart phone is launched in the UK market, HTC Wildfire S deals is going on pre-order basis involving Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, O2 and other networks over contract and flexible schemes. HTC have claimed it to be the smallest smart phone ever released by the Taiwanese giant along with smarter looks.

HTC Wildfire S Vs Samsung Galaxy S2 is also evident with the user interfaces presented in both the smart phones. While Galaxy S2 boasts an advanced version 4.0 of TimeScape interface, the HTC one is expected to arrive with a much smarter Sense UI providing people centric communication. The Samsung product has come up with so many advanced specifications leaving behind little room for improvement with the upcoming HTC gadget. While the UK based Samsung Galaxy S2 launch do not have support for NFC technology, it may arrive with the same at other places around the world but the upcoming HTC Wildfire S has no such inclusion. Surfing the net is also a treat with 21 Mbps download speed of Galaxy S2 which is far better than that expected with the advanced HTC product.


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